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Our mission

To fulfill client’s demands for quality and timely services, in order to build clients’ trust and desire to continue cooperation for mutual benefit.

Who we are

We are a medium sized steel structure manufacturer, providing machining and welding services according to client’s documentation, where a high quality of final product is required.

Quality certificates

KONKO’s quality assurance system is based on ISO 9001:2015 standard.

  1. The Company was created as a joint venture named Euro Construction Poli Poland. The shareholders were: Halbach and Braun Wuppertal – Germany, Vandeput Constucties Zonhoven – Belgium, PRIM S.A. – Mysłowice, Poland

  2. German concern Deutsche Bergbau-Technic seated in Lünen acquird “production part” of Halbach & Braun and Vandeput’s shares.

  3. Sales Department was established within Euro Construction and the name of the company was changed to DBT Polska.

  4. DBT GmbH acquired LONG-Airdox and the scope of production was broadened to include parts of mining shield supports and shearers.

  5. Owner of DBT GmbH – concern Ruhrkohle AG sold their shares to American concern – Bucyrus International Inc. The name of the company was changed to Bucyrus Polska Sp. z o.o.

  6. The new owner – Bucyrus Polska decided to move the production to Ostrawa (Czech Republic) and to sell Polish production facilities which were bought by one of the Members of the Board. KONKO Limited was created.

  7. In 2013 Konko Ltd bought MANTRA Ltd, widening its operations by including transport services domestic and abroad as well as mining cable repair. At the same time Konko Ltd changed its legal form from limited liability company to joint-stock company and became KONKO S.A.

  8. KONKO S.A. established strategic cooperation with Capital Group FASING Plc.

Members of Board:

Bik Mateusz 

President of the Board

Kudela Jacek 

Vice-President of the Board

We heartily invite you to cooperate with us.